Letter from Kathy

Dear friends,

I believe that the moments we spend with our gal pals are some of the most delightful use of our time. I always regularly catch up with my group so we can discuss anything and everything. From the seemingly trivial such as what’s in vogue when it comes to fashion, what movies and TV shows are worth watching, what music I should be on my playlist and what places I should check out to the “deeper” stuff like our careers & businesses, our family lives and our dreams & aspirations – we talk about it all! I am sure that you talk about the same things with your own friends.

I hope that my blog will be an extension of your regular catch ups with your friends. In this space, we can talk about the things I mentioned above – and more! I will be regularly featuring clothes and accessories that will flatter women our age, no matter our dress size. I will also let you know about films, shows, music, restaurants and events worth checking out. I consider myself as a fitness buff as well so expect posts about my various workouts and about total health & wellness.

Furthermore, I will be sharing things going on in my life that you may be able to relate to. By sharing my experiences, I hope that you will learn something – we can learn from each other and we can learn together.

Lastly, please feel free to check out my little online store! There you will find clothes and accessories that celebrate our femininity. The cute, charming and pretty items are all stylish and age-appropriate. These will help add a pop of color and a dash of whimsy to your look, helping you further live your beautiful life in a fashionable way!


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