About Kathy Amurao-Herrera

Kathy is a girl’s girl.

She adores everything that celebrates the female form and femininity as a whole. Growing up, she considered herself very trendy – always following the latest fashion craze with much enthusiasm. She was, and still is, inclined to choose clothes and accessories that are cute, charming, pretty.

Unfortunately, she found that there are very limited choices for cute, charming and pretty clothes and accessories that are appropriate for twentysomethings and thirtysomethings. This frustration drove Kathy to tap into her innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. She created her very first accessory: The Jellybean.

Its simple design and versatility allowed women to use it as a bracelet, a necklace, a belt, a bag accent, a headband – anything you can imagine it to be! It is no surprise that The Jellybean became a huge hit. Women here and abroad ordered inspiring Kathy to create more ingenious products for this very unique market. She has since created other innovative, multi-purpose clothes and accessories for women in the know and on the go.

Kathy is a 30-year old designer and entrepreneur who balances her time between her family, her business, her friends and her two adorable dogs. She has been married to her Wonderboy, Noy Herrera, since 2008.