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Bernadette Flap Clutch
Read Fifty Shades Not Grey

Fifty Shades Not Grey

Hey, dolls! Summer here in the tropics is definitely over. In the past few weeks, the Philippines has already been visited by four typhoons. (Do typhoons know how hospitable we are hence their annual visits? Hahaha!) On an almost daily basis, Manila is drenched by afternoon thunderstorms that paralyze the metropolis. Gloomy bedweather + irritating […]

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Read Three-Two, Won

Three-Two, Won

My thirty-two year journey has brought me here.   It may seem lazy to liken my life as one that is a journey – it’s such an old cliché, I know – but reflecting on the past 32 years made me realize that my life has been indeed a journey. My life’s GPS has taken […]

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Side Plank pose
Read Fearless Femmes

Fearless Femmes

Do one thing every day that scares you.   Are you afraid of heights? Spiders, perhaps? Are your fears more visceral – something like you’re afraid of making a bold choice in your life? It could be a career shift, starting your own business or moving to a new country. Whatever our fears may be, […]

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Fiery Red Monogrammed Cluth
Read Leather Love Affair Collection 3: Monogrammed Foldable Clutch

Leather Love Affair Collection 3: Monogrammed Foldable Clutch

Hey dolls! Who doesn’t love big bags, right? It’s practical, convenient and, as some of KANDI TREATS pieces prove, can be very stylish. Running errands the whole day? A big bag can be a lifesaver as you can put in shopping items you’ve bought while paying the bills! Traveling to your favorite weekend getaway? You […]

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