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Read Beat the Heat in Summer Bold

Beat the Heat in Summer Bold

Hey dolls! First,  please allow me to thank a lot of you out there for your inquiries on some of my items at KANDI TREATS.  I’ve had some readers, some of whom are from as far away as Canada and London, order custom-made items to add to their growing and glowing closets! Anyway, I hope […]

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Read Invincible Summer Collection

Invincible Summer Collection

Let the sun kiss your skin. Let the sand touch your body. Let the laughter ring loud and the memories abound. Take a dip.  Take that trip. Enjoy the sizzling heat at the beach or in the city. Wherever you go this season, stand out in Kandi Wear. Look effortlessly chic with Kandi Wear’s Scarf […]

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Read Wonder List for Wanderlust

Wonder List for Wanderlust

Hey dolls! The intense heat of Philippine summer is here. Like me, I am sure that you have already made your travel plans to escape the city so we can recharge, unwind and let our hair down. But before we head out to our favorite vacation spots, let’s make sure that we are well prepared […]

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Read Just Let Go

Just Let Go

Dolls, we have all been there. We have all had painful experiences in the past that hurt us, that have derailed our plans, and that have left us clueless. It can be a professional failure, a loved one’s untimely death, or a friend’s betrayal – it’s an incident so heartrending that it shook us to […]

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