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Read Invincible Summer Collection 2

Invincible Summer Collection 2

The temperature’s rising Scorching Sizzling It’s a hot one out there   The intense heat of our tropical sun Should not hinder you from having fun Look hot and feel fresh in KANDI WEAR’s Scarf Dresses from the 2016 Invincible Summer Collection We improved your favorite versatile summer dress By making the fit better By […]

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Where are we off to next?
Read A Blissful Dose of Vitamin Sea

A Blissful Dose of Vitamin Sea

Hey dolls!   Is it just me or did you all also ask yourselves the following questions: What happened to the crisp and cool February air? How come I can no longer wear my light cardigans? Why is the sun sizzling at me? Has summer officially started??? That’s right, dolls. It seems like the 2016 […]

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Weeeeee so much fun! :)
Read Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky

Hey dolls!   If you were given superpowers, would you choose to be invisible or would you wish to have the ability to fly? I was asked this question by a friend after watching one of the Marvel superhero flicks. Easily, I told my friend I wish I would have the power of flight. Don’t […]

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Read Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Hey dolls, If you asked me a couple of months back if I were a Justin Bieber fan, I would have raised an eyebrow and exclaimed, “Yuck!” But his recent comeback has proven to many past doubters that he is actually a very talented artist (just with a notoriously bad reputation). His most recent hit, […]

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